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Total Motion 360

Functional at Home Fitness for Every-Body.

Total Motion 360 is a Lifestyle Wellness Brand that was conceived with the idea that looking fit is not necessarily being fit. Functional, real life fitness can be achieved through simple, yet innovative moves using the TM360 System.

Multi-functional Workouts in One PowerBar

Gone is the need for multiple pieces of equipment to achieve a full body workout; our system uses one powerbar and one base to take functional “real life” training to a new level.

Portable & Space Saving

TM360 can be stored in the corner of any room. The 6’ steel bar comes apart to give one the ability to workout every where- at the beach, in the office, in a hotel room, on the patio, anywhere!

Functional Training Where Torque Meets Linear

Torque = a twisting force that tends to cause rotation

Linear = resembling, or having a movement that is a straight line

Total Motion 360 intersects those two movements to bring you the most functional and complete workout ever

Support Small business

The community is the starting block of every successful business. Without the support from individuals like you companies like Peloton or the Mirror would not be where they are today. We all start out small, but our community is what makes the biggest dreams a reality.

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